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Soup, yo :XD:? Here are just some random things you need to know about me ;)!

:bulletyellow: I tend to thank people for favorites/watches! If I don't, it means I got way too many at once for some reason, or you're a loved watcher of mine, and you should already know you're loved ;; :heart: LOL

:bulletyellow:....Speaking of which, I probably "LOL" so much that it has got annoying for some. You have been warned :XD:

:bulletyellow: I call most everyone darling or dear. I'm sorry if you don't like it; it's just my thing :XD:

:bulletyellow: I go through random art blocks. Some days I feel like drawing where others I just flat out do NOT want to. If you have paid for a commission or requested something, please know that I will certainly NOT forget about you ^^;

:bulletyellow: I normally use Gimp 2.6 and my mouse when drawing, but sometimes I do indeed use Easy Paint Tool Sai or my Wacom Bamboo tablet. Yes, I'm so used to my mouse that I'm having issues switching to a tablet XD.

:bulletyellow: ;_; Sometimes I say I'm going to draw something, and then I don't....This is because I suddenly grow busy, or an art block just slaps me in the face. Bare with me, and know that I love you anyway ;.; :heart: LOL

:bulletyellow: The Hunger Games, Pirates of the Caribbean, Oz (Original movie, Oz TGAP, Wicked), MLP FIM, Twilight Saga (yes kill me XD), Ginga Densetsu Weed, and Star Wars are my favorite fandoms :la:!

:bulletyellow: My favorite colors are pink, yellow, and cyan/teal!....Which is why Star has all of the colors .-. ....I'm so original aren't I ;D? :XD:

:bulletyellow: Fer SOME reason, there is a common misconception about me going around :XD:. People have said that I get offended when people cuss. No honey; I just don't cuss myself X3. I'm not saying that I particularly like when someone is throwing out the f bomb every other sentence, or when my friends do so >U, but I'm not going to chew you out like I'm your mother if you do so :XD:

:bulletyellow: Just to let you all know, if you come on to my page begging me for points, llamas, or anything, I will hide your comment and block you. Spam is not okay ^^;. However, if you kindly ask me for an art trade or a request, that's a different story and I will happily oblige :XD:

:bulletyellow: I will often snap at people who post rude comments on my friends' or even acquaintances' art. Come on now; it BOTHERS me ^^;! I just don't appreciate unnecessary things, especially if they hurt any feelings...So...Watch yerself >U LOL

:bulletyellow: Yes, I use a lot of emoticons, but this is because...It's how I convey exactly how I'm feeling when I'm typing :XD:. It's kind of hard to tell whether someone is being serious or joking without emotes, you know? It's like speaking with Kristen Stewart ^^;

(I'll add on if I think of anything new XD)




My favorite stamps here as well! Aka my stamp collection XD

tHG .Caesar Flickerman stamp by MariaPereiraWarriors Stamp by GoldencloudHunger Games Fan by DesuSigMakerRebel Scum Stamp by UlarioCaptain Jack Sparrow stamp by RedSarine.:: I HEART Wolves - Stamp ::. by KovoWolfTheater Stamp by kittykat01I Need a Tablet Stamp by Rikku-HoraijiLove Stamp by PhillusLatias Yay Stamp by VyporAnti Twilight Fangirl Stamp by fanged4everStamp: Team Peeniss by AudioDaisiesKatniss salute stamp by ParamourxLightsBlack Pearl Crew stamp by purgatoriI Love You Stamp by MissBezzLOG: TGOGH: Soren stamp 4 by AvatarRaptorDA Stamp - Roleplaying 01 by tppgraphicsI role-play because... by agra19the blond stamp by kyokosphotosStamp - THe Princess Bride V2 by PrincessMelissa83Stamp - I Love to VA by caatdigital-artists stamp by CookiemagiKGIMP Stamp by SparkLumSTAMP: Katniss Everdeen fan by neurotripsyImagination stamp by mickeymousemicGinga Fan Stamp by AshfullStamp: Education by AibouAiYou Know It by amon-ra-chibiUNTITLED PAINIS CUPCAKE STAMP by ARTic-WeatherSarcasm by bigfunkychikenY U NO COMMENT? by V4nill4U MAD? by olgolugoFind 'X' by Katttty920Sexy Squidward is Sexy by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Mewolf stamp by war-armorGDW Stamp by StampAGSqueak Stamp by jsotelofunny face stamp by Taina-ChanQuagsire Hug Stamp by MetalShadowOverlordI heart Mutt Stamp by KirikoSoulGB fan stamp by WolfEdenExtinction Stamp by Kezzi-RoseSweet tooth by prosaixcarry Staphano stamp by RogerthefoxI Suck At Math Stamp by GriffSGirlI love pink stamp by violetsteelJenna Marbles Stamp by sparkly-purple-ninjaMoichao10 Fan Stamp by XxAnthro16xXTeam Anti Jacob by ItsJoBitchI'm an ACTOR stamp by Jagna-Q7Pewdiepie Stamp~! by XxOnyxKnightxXDaydreamer Stamp by Mirz123I Love Emoticons Stamp by Mirz123I love Hugs - stamp by HavickTheLionSkype Stamp by SparkLumMew Stamp by SakuleiArt School Stamp by JetProwerTheFoxStudying Stamp by Kezzi-RoseStamp Req : Ouuuuuh by wLadyB91While haters hate stamp by ThunderElectroStamp for all my DA friends.:D by Zack-The-GreatDUBSTEP stamp by conceptionsNow Panic Stamp by Kezzi-RoseLove Carlisle stamp by master-of-wordsSanctum Of Eventide_Stamp by windwolf1575-Remake- Unashamed Wolf Artist by VexVampRayquaza-Stamp by DinoclawsActing by decorsEpic Music Stamp by tranceofstardustMouse Artists Stamp by tjhiphopDon't hate Grox stamp by ARTic-WeatherBeach by fear-the-brillianceHave a Nice Day by SedmaNot the Only One by fear-the-brillianceI Support Princesses Stamp by Pix3MComment Stamp by Blackie0275awkward moments by Mr-StampHopeless Dreamer by SsGirloBees Hate Me Stamp by flyingdoombunnylove my fuzzy socks by CandieCobraI Love To Laugh Stamp by JAYSMILES23I never curse. :D - STAMP by Natsu714i love sleep stamp by ohhperttylightsI love the Night by LadyQuintessenceFriends stamp by Meddle689..Ever Wonder.. Stamp by SailorSolarThanks for visitin by k-neloI LIKE HUGS by PlankheadMeow, meow, meow by Katttty920soup yo by akrasielPacifist Stamp by Krooked-GlassesSmile Stamp by dazedgumballRobot Unicorn Attack Stamp by Gokulover4everToo much senior-dArama by prosaixMeaningful comments stamp by dazza1008Comment Stalker Stamp by Drick96Hollywood Undead Stamp [Rainbow Animated] by darkdissolutionBeluga Whale Stamp by Hotd318Coldplay Stamp by MikkoToivonenListening to Musicals Stamp by SpikytasticBorn To Perform by PixieDust01Stamp: Joy by delusional-dreams[HTTYD Stamp] Dragons Logo by CanineHybridLove Being Loved by Mirz123Evrythng Will Be Okay Stmp+PLZ by Mirz123Love My Peeps Stamp by Mirz123I love Stingrays by WishmasterAlchemistI love Guinea Pigs by WishmasterAlchemistI love Harp Seals by WishmasterAlchemistWicked Stamp by lecairdeLes Miserables 2012 Stamp by ThreshTheSkyWicked variant stamp, number 1 by Animus-SeedPocky Strawberry Stamp by linkhero55I love Storms by i-stampstars by iLedI Love Fireworks Stamp by Mirz123Broadway Baby Stamp by spinningflagPeeta Mellark Fan Stamp by MoararishozFire is Catching by abnorm-ali-tyIm just a little crazy stamp by Pixel-SamSTAMP: I'm Happy Today by zungzwangI don't care about popularity XP by DragonGirl249Stamp: Fursona by ShendificatorI appreciate all support :D by Timesplitter92You love it too :D by ElectrikPinkPirateEternal blonde XD by ElectrikPinkPirateDiscussions That Make You Go ''WTF?!'' by crazylaura64Kane-stamp by AzureHowlShilachAcilla-stamp by AzureHowlShilachTHG If We Burn You Burn With Us Stamp by TwilightProwlerLate Night Love by Rainbow-ReverseI Draw Animals Stamp by AmethystKirbyOcean Stamp by Urnam-BOTAlways Tired Stamp by gutter-childMy Attitude by Fyi-SusCare Stamp by SparkLumJennifer Lawrence Stamp by AngelwithhazeleyesStamp- Amnesia the dark ... by XeehslYes, I'm an AWKWARD child. by falakalak


mreh mreh ;-; Star dis be Maddi. <3 Ily. Kais? You're like my big sister. ;o; Always there for me to talk too and never have burned my trust before or come anywhere close to it. I adore talking to you and roleplaying with you, and laughing at each others odd typos ;W ;N ;Q. I just can't get enough of talking to you! 8D your so great and it makes me sad when others mistreat you because you wouldn't hurt a fly ;-; ily Star. <3 Dun ever change. Kais? <3

~ :iconbutteryfoxwhiskers:


omfg star bby u so hawt ;K This is Mar! Her Skypey love friend!^_^ It's nice to meet you all! But okay, enough of you guys. STAR YOU ARE SO AMAZING AND EVERYTHING I NEVER COMPARE TO YOUR BEAUTIFUL FACE. Anyway, seriously. I loooove youuuuuuuu. ;^; With all me hearttttttttttt.<3<3<3 You're seriously such an amazing friend, with amazing advice, and I want you to remember I'm always going to be a listening ear, and I'll always be here for you. And I want you to know I am going to love you so hard when we meet.<3<3 I can't wait until I turn 18, because we're going to meet. And we're going to spazz over everything. DEATH EVERYWHARE. But really I love youu<3 You're amazing.<3 Okay, I'll get off your page now, but remember this................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................u ez hawt ;K





WolfStar7 has started a donation pool!
336 / 1,000
~Donation for Premium Perhaps XD~


Headshot of a Character: 5 points
Full Body Character (Low Detail): 10 points
Full Body Character (High Detail): 20 points
Lineart: 3 point
Coloring: 3 points
Adoptables: Name your Price!
Two Characters Together: 30+ (depending on detail of characters) points

:bulletblue::bulletblue:Things I will draw:bulletblue::bulletblue:
-Love Scenes
-Light Gore

:bulletred::bulletred:Things I will NOT draw:bulletred::bulletred:
-Sexual Scenes (Including yiff, yaoi, anything)
-Humans (Though I MAY make an exception)

If you do want to commission me, please specify what you would like from me by sending me a note :)! It would be most appreciated. Thank you :meow:!

Donations are also accepted of course, and just send me a request of what you want drawn! You never know; I might let the price go down for you. Idk I don't really care; just anything is greatly appreciated! Thank you all!
:iconlawooplz: :iconpointsplz: :iconlawooplz:

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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States

Oi! You there! Yes you :XD:; hello there :la:! Welcome to my little page of art and randomness :aww:! My name is Jodi, but everyone long distance/on the internet call me Star (even those who actually do know my real name :XD:)! I'm just a happy-go-lucky, easily amused, sensitve, theatre-lovin', role play cravin', Southern, American teenage girl :la:! Now allow me, to tell you some things about myself, as long as you don't mind my crazy rambling ways :XD:!

:bulletblue: My love for Art :bulletblue:
I discovered that I loved to draw way back in elementary school and middle school, when I had the urge to create a comic that was actually over eighty pages long, and I even made a sequel XD (It's way too old and there are plot holes EVERYWHERE, so don't ask about it ;; LOL). I have always loved drawing animals, as the comic was about a mouse and her various friends that included eagles, bats, and dragons, but my love for wolves grew strong when I discovered a game called Feralheart. I've also met some extremely amazing people through that game, so I'm always going to have a soft spot for it :D! So then I started to draw my feralheart characters, and slowly made my way up to where I am at the moment :). Granted, I still draw using references ^^;, but that's because I'm still learning proper anatomy and stuff like that :)! I draw with Gimp 2.6, Paint Tool Sai, my mouse, and sometimes my Bamboo Tablet (which I've had since my 16th birthday and I'm STILL not used to it ^^;). Though I may have occasional art blocks every now and then, an epic song will almost always give me the inspiration to draw something, which is why I always, always, draw with music :)! I'm also free to requests, commissions, and anything else you may want. Just ask and don't be shy :aww:!

:bulletpink: My love for Theatre :bulletpink:
Oh lovely theatre :XD:! I started acting in fifth grade when I was in an opera, and we actually worked with a professional opera company. It was so much fun :XD:! I then continued stage acting in middle school, and figured out I loved it so much, so I've been doing it ever since :aww:! Back in early 2011, I discovered some animated series on youtube, such as Azurehowl and Zaragian Guard, and I wondered how people got to voice in those series. Sure enough, I discovered that my Logitech microphone actually produced a decent quality recording, and after auditioning for The Flower Chronicles and landing a role, I was inspired to begin voice acting as well :dummy:! Now basically, I'm your stereotypical theatre kid; I'm in a thespian troupe, I love musicals such as Les Mis and Wicked, and I obsess about theatre in general :XD:

:bulletyellow: My Personality :bulletyellow:
Welp! I like to think that I'm nice ^^;? LOL! Basically, if you're happy, I'm happy :). I try to stick by that standard :XD:; I tend to make my friends happy even if I'm not, since they matter to me a lot. I'm also very...affectionate :XD:. My good friends will tell you that ^^; LOL. I just like spreading the joy I suppose, and I feel absolutely awful if I get someone mad at me or hurt someone's feelings, and I will literally...obsess over it for days until I absolutely know everything is alright ^^;. So you can say that I over think things as well I suppose :XD:? I also love to comfort and be a shoulder to cry on, but I also love being loved as well :meow:. Also, the one thing that annoys people the most :XD:, is my LAUGHING XD. I basically laugh at almost anything. Again, ask my good friends; they will tell you it to you STRAIGHT :rofl:. As for the opposite, crying, I am rather sensitive to things ^^;, but most of the time I try to be as carefree and happy as possible :meow:! Feel free to talk to me about anything you may need; I certainly won't bite :la:!

~:heart: The Best People Ever :heart:~
:iconincipienttempus: The Danatee/Danoeba/Hoo :XD: :huggle:
:iconbutteryfoxwhiskers: My adorable little sister :heart:
:icondesiresandliars: My Kpop Queen Marcode :la: :huggle:
:iconclawedcalamity: Cato potato, aka my trusted sister :la:
:iconthe-dragon22: Miss Ariki Riki, aka my posting noodle :meow:
:iconzombiekitteh: My momma :heart: ;;
:iconmoichao10: Lovely miss Cleo :huggle:
:iconinkmonsterz: My dearest friend and literate master ;; :heart:
:iconseedlessstrawberry: Real life friend for the win :huggle:
:iconurnam-bot: My boss :)
:iconladyjane2876: One of my closest voice acting friends :huggle:
:icondragon-in-a-blue-box: Epic voice actress/animator :D
:iconblairaptor: Closest boss :happybounce:
:iconbloodstainedfur88: Like my voice acting big brother/mentor ;; :heart:
:iconblueskywolf: Sky-y e.o :XD:
:iconkitkatrevolution: My bby Running :heart: :XD:

:bulletblue::bulletpink: Account names :la:! :bulletblue::bulletpink:

:bulletyellow: Feralheart- StarWarsWolf7
:bulletyellow: Youtube- StarWarsGirl7
:bulletyellow: Tumblr- starsmahogany
:bulletyellow: SOE- MissStar7
:bulletyellow: Flipnote Hatena (It's REALLY old stuff though ^^;)- Quackerz7

That's pretty much it for now, so in the mean time...

~:iconnoesjediplz: :jedi: :iconlordvaderplz: ~
:bulletwhite: So like...I guess I know I'm being inactive on here when I come on and see 10,000 page views. When in the world did that happen ^^; LOL; thank you guys all so much!

:bulletwhite: FIRST OF ALL though, I'd like to apologize for and explain my inactivity. I've been rather busy with the international baccalaureate (IB) program lately in school, as we're getting ready to do our large exit exams in quite a few subjects. Also, I suppose teachers think it's funny to load us all up with projects, tests, and essays....simultaneously. And what sucks is that I've been WANTING to draw something, as I even have a few pictures in mind but...I'm just not finding the time at the moment with all the things I'm juggling.

:bulletwhite: One of the other things I'm juggling would be...tumblr :XD:. Yes yes, I know, you're probably thinking, "Jodi wth how the heck could you devote time to pressing a reblog button and not drawing." Well, you see what had happened was, I'm not just reblogging; I've actually started writing fanfiction! I've begun shipping a couple extremely hard (*cough*joshifer*cough*), and now I absolutely love writing about them....Soooo unfortunately, that's beginning to take precedence over drawing, especially when people on tumblr are actually asking me to write specific fics.

:bulletwhite: HOWEVER, no I am not going to stop drawing of course. I'm just kind of in an art block right now you could say, as I'm just not finding the inspiration/time to draw. I have a picture in mind that I'd like to draw however, so hopefully I can get to that this weekend. And maybe even a Valentines/Singles Awareness (XD) Day picture or something idek. I'm just letting you all know that I'm not dead, so thanks for hanging around :meow: :heart:

:bulletwhite: On a little side note, if anyone would like to follow me, my url is starsmahogany. But just be warned that it is all, and I do mean all, Hunger Games/Hunger Games cast members :XD:. And fanfiction. And everything pertaining to that. So if you do not want to get flooded with a bunch of that stuff, I wouldn't suggest it :XD:.

Kiss kiss hug hug :B :heart:
  • Mood: Happy
  • Listening to: Finding Nemo Score
  • Reading: Hopefully some fanfiction huehue
  • Watching: Nothin'
  • Playing: Music XD
  • Eating: Just had a wrap o3ov
  • Drinking: Sweet Tea!

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*heavy breathing*

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Happy Valentine's day. -Gives Heart- :heart:
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Oh thank you so much for the watchFrozen - HUG! Natsuki Shinomiya (Super hug) [V1]
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Hey Potato, Do you know any good map makers on FH I could look to? I'm trying to create a stray animal dog and cat roleplay for Feral Heart called "Code Dark" that involves a setting in a city. Do you know any body?
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